Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Blotanical Awards Ceremony!!

Today when I signed on I checked my message's like I always do. The difference today is that I have received my very first award for my all of hard work!! I have not been able to remove the smile off of my face ever since!! I feel good!!

I would like to take this moment to thank Melissa from The Secret Garden for awarding me with this Excellence award! Thank you very much Melissa, you made my day!!!

Now it is my duty to give this award back to 10 other bloggers that I think are doing an excellent job. My nominees are:

1. Melissa from The Secret Garden

2. Neza from The Rock And Roll Gardener

3. Julia from We're Going To Need A Bigger Pot

4. Stuart from Gardening Tip's 'n' Ideas

5. Rafael from The Orchid Chronicles

6. Brandan from Another Yard In Fort Pierce

7. Melanie from Old Country Gardens

8. Helen from The Patient Gardener

9. Danielle from Danielle's Garden Blog

10. Meems from Hoe And Shovel

In my eyes you are all doing an Excellent Job and you all deserve this special award!! Keep up the great work everyone!!!!


Helen (aka patientgardener) said...

Gosh - thanks for the award, really chuffed. I havent been blogging long so this is fantastic

A Softer Side said...

Thank you!

Now... about the magnolias.... I have a bud on mine as of today.... will get a snapshot of it and we can compare!
Have a great weekend!

Neza said...

Thank you 'Yard in F.P.'....I'm a big fan. I appreciate it!

The Rock and Roll Gardener

garden girl said...


Julia said...

Thank you so much LetsPlant! It means a lot so early in my blog's "life" to have the encouragament.

Stuart said...

You are too kind LetsPlant. My humble apologies for taking so long to get over here and say thanks. I've been meaning to all weekend.

I'd have to say ditto back at ya mate. I'm really enjoying your blog. Cheers.