Sunday, April 13, 2008

This week was a good week at the Farmers Market. I woke up extra early to make it to the Farmers Market before all the good stuff was gone. I made out with some great additions to my jungle!!

One of the trees that I picked up is the Jerusalem Thorn ( Parkinsonia aculeata ). The Jerusalem Thorn is the thorn that was made into a crown and placed on Jesus head when he was on the cross. I figured it would be a good tree to have.

The Jerusalem Thorn can be found anywhere from 8 feet up to 30 feet tall. The Jerusalem Thorn enjoys being out in the full sun and is very drought tolerant. Although it is a dangerous tree due to all of the thorns on it, it is a beautiful tree with bright yellow flowers. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!!!


sweeney said...

Do you have a Jerusalem Thorn Tree for sale?
Can you ship it?
What size?