Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today I started germination on 22 Triangle Palm ( Dypsis decaryi ) seeds. I placed these seeds in a polystart solution 4 days ago and let them soak. I have done this to speed up the germination process. In the first picture you can see my tools. My incubators 12 and 13, polystart container with 22 Triangle Palm seeds and tweezers. I use tweezers because it is not a good idea to touch the seeds once you have started germination. I germinate my seeds in peat pellets which I purchase from my local garden center for really cheap!!

The second picture is a closer look at the seeds. You can also see the process of prepping the peat pellets. The ones on the left have just been placed in the warm water and the ones on the right have been in the warm water for about 5 mins.

In the 3rd picture you see my process unfold. I place the Triangle Palm seeds on the tops of the peat pellets so I can remember which ones have seeds. If I just start putting them down I forget where I started and try to put seeds in already occupied holes, waste of time. This way I know they all have seeds and if I don't see them they are already in.

In the forth picture you see all the Triangle Palm seeds are in!!

The final picture shows the incubators sealed, labeled, and ready to go!! The heat from the warm water is fogging up the incubators, this is good as heat and humidity are positive factors in germination.


My LIttle Family: said...

How's the nabe's orchid garden doing?

Lets Plant said...

Very well, I will post an update soon!!

kate harrison said...

Do you sell or know someone that will ship Internaionally (UK) Dypsis decaryi?

Good luck with germination.


John Manley said...

Greetings from San Diego. I have learned some from your pictures and information. However, help me out... I have propagated Sagos for 3 years now and the seeds in your pictures look exactly like sago seeds and not triangle palm seeds. I have two triangle palms on my property, from which I harvested 687 seeds last fall, which are 1/2 the size of the sago seeds in your pictures and all have a teardrop shaped "eye" on one side. So, are these sago seeds or triangle seeds in your trays?