Monday, April 28, 2008

Scored again!!! My girlfriends parents have a mini jungle going on over at there house too! They asked my if I wanted a large Clustered Fishtail Palm ( Caryota mitis ). They told me it was about 5 years old, I said you better believe it!! All I had to do is go over and dig it up and take it home! I told them I was on my way!!

In all of the excitement I scurried out the door without my camera AGAIN!! When will I learn?? I have no pictures of the dig, but some of the re-plant. And once again the re-plant pics are slim as the excitement of the planting caused me to forget to take pictures. It took my buddy Brandan from Another Yard In Fort Pierce to say " Where's the camera", and I said geeeeeezzzz, not again!!

I did go get the camera and snapped a few shots. Before I put the Fishtail Palm in the hole I sprayed the hole with root hormone and vitamin B-2 very well. I also added each element as I added more dirt to insure good growth and to cut back on shock. Now I am watering like crazy!!!!

Here are the pictures that I have. Enjoy!!


patientgardener said...

I love getting freebies - do you think something this big will transplant easily?

Lets Plant said...

Oh yes! I have left plenty of roots. As long as I keep it wet for a month or so I should be fine!!

rees cowden said...

Nice find on the fishtail! I think it is one of the most unappreciated palms out there. When they get larger they can really develop some nice character. We've experienced some frost damage in the past so I hope you're close to the water or you might think about protecting it next winter.
Rees Cowden

Stefani said...

I have a fishtail in my living room that is taking over everything! I'm not sure if I can cut the cluster apart, there are 5 stalks shooting from it, and share the plant or if it needs to stay intact. The canopy is 8' - 10' across and it's about 8' tall. I have no idea what do with my giant, I love it so but it's taking over. It's roughly 9 years old. Any suggestions?

Lets Plant said...

Stefani, you should be able to separate the clump. Just take a saw and cut right through the middle. It should be o.k.!

Anonymous said...

Cindy said,

If this is the same kind of palm that grows up to 9 ft. tall and produce clusters of grape-like red fruits that mature to black, please never touch or eat the fruits. They contain oxalate acid which can be extremely toxic when touched or ingested.