Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I went fishing yesterday with my buddy Brandan from Another Yard In Fort Pierce and a few other friends. We went to one of our local Fort Pierce hot spots where we usually slay the fish. We catch everything from Snook, Red fish, Snapper, and the unwanted Catfish.

This hot spot is located on private property so I will not disclose the location. But rest assure we are catching them here!!

Last night was not the best fishing at all for me. In fact the only thing I caught was this Barracuda. I have never caught a Barracuda here before so at least it was a first! The scary thing about Barracuda are their teeth. Their teeth are not positioned like normal teeth. I will explain it like this- normal teeth are positioned flat across and designed to chomp down on things. The Barracuda's teeth are shaped like a razor blades and designed to cut through prey. Picture your teeth, they are flat across, now take them and turn them a quarter turn so they are facing front and back, now sharpen them into razorblades, those are Barracuda teeth. Barracuda sits off the edge of reefs and ledges in the dark where it can hide in the shadows. Barracuda mostly attack in a straight line. They can reach speeds of 30 mph in 3 swipes of the tail, they are true sprinters. They do not bite down to catch prey, they open their mouths so the tips of their teeth are in line like razorblades to maximize area and ram into prey slicing it right in half and then they turn around and eat the pieces. The Barracuda are very attracted to shiny objects too, this is why they are so dangerous to divers. Being a diver myself I pay special attention to what I wear in the water because I don't like these fish at all. They are not scared of divers at all either making them very dangerous. I had a 3 foot Barracuda eat the fish right off the end of my pole spear last year!! I almost number 2'd in my pants!!!

Back to the fishing, I was pretty much the low guy last night while everybody else was reeling in the snapper left and right. I am pretty sure I can narrow my problem down to the hook that I was using. It was one of those circle hooks, I am pretty sure it was to big for the Snapper. I did get lots of bites and was robbed every time! I did not want to change my hook out because I was not fishing for Snapper, I was fishing for Snook.

It got cold real quick on us last night, right when the sun was gone! Fish do not eat when it is cold out, they go more into a hibernation. That also was a major factor in my fishless evening. Either way I had a great time and that is what it is all about anyway!! I figured that I would post some pictures of the hot spot and the Barracuda that I caught last night for you to see! Hope you enjoy!!


walk2write said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw this post was the song by the group Heart. You are too young to have heard it played on the radio all the time like I used to. It's a classic. I am enjoying your blog. It's interesting and unique.

joey said...

Quite an adventure! Do you 'catch and release' or eat the fish (not Barracuda) like snapper? Enjoyed the music! You have an interesting site.

Lets Plant said...

I grew up in a rock and role band, my dad was the lead guitarist in a few bands. I know Heart very well!! I thought that that might get some attention! I release if they are not big enough, or if they are not my type. I don't like to eat to many kinds of fish so most get released!!