Monday, April 21, 2008

Williams Hybrid Banana!!

The delicious Williams Hybrid Banana!! That is one of the banana tree's that I scored this weekend at the Heathcote Botanical sale that was held this weekend at the Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce, Fl.

As I was searching all of the many great vendors at the Heathcote Botanical sale I wandered into the banana guy. I love banana's very much and have wanted different species for a long time but didn't want to go out and just buy some. So I waited until Heathcote held there sale and I got exactly what I wanted for the price I wanted to pay!

The banana guy had the banana tree's marked at $15.00. I don't think this is a bad price at all, but he only charged me $10.00 when I went to pay! Score!! Now that is a fantastic price, especially since there was a sucker sprouting up next to it!! I had to buy two more banana tree's from him. I bought my mom an Ice Cream Banana, and I bought myself a Gold Finger Banana. I already have an Ice Cream Banana that's why I did not get one of those for myself.

Here are pictures of my new William's Hybrid Banana Tree.


Wicked Gardener said...

Hey Banana man - :)

Do yours have yellow leaves mid-season? Is there anyway to prevent that? My bananas always turn to crud half way through the growing season and I am ready to get rid of them.